Damaged by Troy McCombs

Damaged - Troy McCombs

This is a cautionary tale about bullying. Adam is a 16 year old kid who is constantly bullied and tortured at school to where eventually, two distinct events in his life sends him over the edge and causes him to commit monstrous acts.


Despite his horrible acts, you kind of tend to feel sorry for the guy. I thought the author portrayed his feelings of loneliness and despair quite well, and what would lead someone to finally break. It's a shameful thing that this happens quite often at schools around the country.


The book needs editing, but the story kept me engaged the entire time, so it really didn't bother me enough. The book contains foul language, violence and some acts of torture, for those of you who don't care for that in a book. Otherwise, this is a story that you would find at least once in almost every school, except most wouldn't go to the extreme that Adam went through in the book for revenge.


3 stars