September Read Roundup

Kings of the Promised Land: A Novel - Justin Gabriel, Anna O'Brien, Vanessa Moore, Rene Holt, Deb Haggerty The Awakening - Brett McBean, Pete Kahle, James Newman Federal Underground (Penn Mitchell's Ancient Alien Saga) - Jeff Bennington The Daughters of Palatine Hill: A Novel - Phyllis T. Smith The Yeti: A Novel - Rick Chesler, Jack Douglas Rapture Theory: Book One: Rise of the Antichrist - Cliff Winn, Christine Winn Carnival - William W. Johnstone Awakening: The Prequel To Charlotte (The Charlotte Chronicles Book 2) - Stuart Keane Into the Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes
— feeling amazing

A good month! I read 26 books and reached my goal of reading 200 books for the year!

The books above were my top 9 reads for the month, with the first 3 being 5 star reads and the rest 4 stars. The other 17 were broke down into 10- 3 star reads, 6- 2 star reads and one DNF.


Of my top 3 reads, I cannot recommend, "The Awakening" by Brett McBean enough, especially if you liked, "Boy's Life" by Robert R, McCammon. 


"Kings of the Promised Land" is an excellent re-telling of the biblical story of King Saul and David. I'm still actually reading it, but I love it and should be done with it tomorrow.


"Federal Underground" is a thriller, shock full of conspiracy theories and malevolent aliens.

That was a fun read :)




Looking forward to October, not because of the holiday, as it's just another day for me, but because they show lots of scary movies on TV, and I love to watch them. So, with my reading goal out of the way, I am going to take it easy, curl up on my comfy bed with some popcorn and prepare to be scared!


Hope you all have a great October!