Portia's Revelation by Rich Tenaglia

— feeling doubt
Portia's Revelation - Rich Tenaglia

This is a strange one for me to review. An archeology student makes a find of some old papyrus and after awhile, he has them translated (they were in code). The story told is of a girl, Portia, in ancient Rome during the time of emperor Commodus, and the visions she has of our time.


The way the author describes objects of our time was interesting and amusing. There were also some very good life lessons to be learned. Where it fell short for me was that the story was told in todays vernacular which didn't work well, because it made you tend to forget that this girl lived in another time and culture from what she was viewing. The spirit which was giving her visions also didn't work. You never knew if Portia was talking to an angel, God, or whatever, until it is revealed in the end. By that time, I was just losing interest, mainly because the author had a mish mash of Christian and New Age ideas. I understand that many people think this way, but I don't, so it just ruined it for me.


The characters themselves were not fleshed out enough, so you just get the basics. It never really goes beyond her visions or how they affected her life. I am guessing that the author's main point was to give these life lessons, but the underlying story fell short.


2.5 stars