The Traveler - An Event Group Thriller by David Golemon

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The Traveler: An Event Group Thriller (Event Group Thrillers) - David Golemon

This was a fun, roller-coaster of a ride! The Event Group is still reeling from their war with the Grays, which left so many of their own dead. And now, they must go after one of their own, lost not on the battleground, but in time. Whispers of a secret time machine built by the Nazis, have the group chasing information that they desperately want, as they meet up with a mysterious figure known as the Traveler. The Event Group is running out of time and now they also have to contend with the Russian mob, who are after the prize, the Wellsian Doorway.


I love the Event Group and the idea that there can be such a group out there who guard the great mysteries and artifacts from world history. I would love to be part of such a group. This cast of characters, along with Jeremy Robinson's Chess Team, Matthew Reilly's Shane Scofield and Jack West, James Rollins' Sigma Force and Greig Beck's Alex Hunter, this one is on my top 5 of action, thriller series that I can never get enough of.


A great adventure and highly recommended! 5 stars and a favorite.