The Medicus Codex - Vox Populi by Dr. Cy Stein

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The Medicus Codex (Vox Populi) - Cy Stein

Dr. Cy Stein has created a wonderful and engaging story that I had trouble putting down!


This is the story of Gaius Romulus Saccius, the Roman name of a Judean from Galilee who has arrived in Rome in hopes of becoming a student of the most prominent physician of the time, Galen. Thus begins the journey of a poor young medicus, as he learns to navigate his way living in Rome, eventually coming to the attention of the royal household where he is picked to become the emperor's personal physician. Along the way he must learn to play the games of the elite, in order to stay alive.


Set in the time right at the end of Caracalla's reign and through the reign of young, Elagabalus, this was a great adventure into the Rome of the past with all the struggles and machinations of rich and poor alike. Along the way, you also learn a bit about the medical practices and treatments that were used at the time.


I greatly enjoyed this book and I almost didn't get it, simply because it wasn't available in kindle format and I find the prices of normal books just too expensive anymore. But, I am glad I did and I will certainly be reading the book that follows, supposedly coming out next year.


Highly recommended for lovers of historical fiction.
5 stars and a favorite.