The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen

— feeling crazy
The Light of the Fireflies - Simon Bruni, Paul Pen

This was a haunting tale of a dysfunctional family as told through the eyes of a 10 year old boy who has been living in a basement for all of his life. Along with his mother, father, brother, sister and grandma, you are taken on a journey of his days in a world cut of from everything else until you finally learn the reason for this self imposed isolation.


This was a kindle first pick for March. It was a very compelling read, and although there really isn't much action, it was hard to put down, and I read it in a day. I watched the movie Room not to long ago, (I couldn't get into the book for some reason, but I did enjoy the movie), and it reminded me of that.


This book deals with some disturbing topics, but I didn't think it was so explicit as to turn me off the book. I felt sad for this family and the things they did in order to protect their own. I went from liking some characters one moment, and  getting angry at them for their choices in the next.


This one was a  compelling read that leaves you sad for the lies told to this innocent little boy and the trials taken to give him hope for a better future.


4 stars an recommended!