12 by Sean Platt and David Wright

12 - David Wright, Sean Platt

This was a well crafted story told from the viewpoint of several different characters.
The authors did a tremendous job in weaving their storylines together and take what seems like unrelated events and form a cohesive story in which the lives intersect into one explosive event. Each character was fleshed out so that you get a good picture of who they are and the story moves along at a good pace so that you are never bored.


Some of the more interesting characters include:

Tim- a boy who is not only bullied at school, but also at home,
Maggie- a waitress at a diner trying to make the best life for her and her daughter,
Abe- a neighbor who has an unhealthy interest in Maggie's daughter,
Joe- a man losing his memories who has a secret he needs to share, and
Nick - the ex-husband and drug addict with a fiery temper.


There are a couple more characters, but these stood out the most for me. It had some great tense and nail-biting moments. There is violence, some gore and some "eewww" moments when you get into the mind of Abe, so I want to throw that out there if these things bother you.


I have loved everything that these authors have put out, ever since I read their "Yesterday's Gone" apocalyptic series, and they just get better.


Highly recommended!