The Whipping Boy by Beth Holmes

— feeling shocked
The Whipping Boy - Beth Holmes

I don't think even Amazon has a synopsis listed for this book, so here it is:


Timmy Lowell is possessed by demons. His parents' demons...

The demons of guilt. Of unnatural love. Of rage. The long years of bottled-up passions and darkening fears have done their work...And Timmy Lowell, so bright, so beautiful- so sick- is slowly becoming a killer.


His father, locked in his own terrifying world, will not help him, cannot see the evil seed growing.


Only Timmy's mother, frail Evie Lowell, can save him...or become his next victim...


This book must have been shocking when it came out back in 1978. It was written by actress Fay Baker.  She used the pen name "Beth Holmes" to shield her family from being compared with fictional characters in the novel. I can't say I blame her.


This novel was haunting. Timmy is one sick boy and his mother knows it. She is trying to save him. They are all bound somehow by the deep dark secrets of the father and they are insidious. The secrets are shocking, especially for the time, I am not so sure they would be so much now. But they are slowly revealed, building tension throughout, until you get the full twisted picture.


This is a novel about child abuse. You have been warned.


A harrowing 5 stars.