My favorite Books of 2015!

The Conqueror's Wife: A Novel of Alexander the Great - Stephanie Thornton A Year of Ravens: a novel of Boudica's Rebellion - SJA Turney, Russell Whitfield, Stephanie Dray, Kate Quinn, Vicky Alvear Shecter, Ben Kane, E.E. Knight, Ruth Downie Rebel Queen: A Novel - Michelle Moran Lady of the Eternal City (The Empress of Rome Book 4) - Kate Quinn Hominid - R.D. Brady Harpazo: The Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church - James Jacob Prasch The Voyage of the Sun God - Susan Llewellyn By Ted Dekker A.D. 30: A Novel [Hardcover] - Ted Dekker The Veil: A Novel...of Current Biblical Proportions - DJ Edmonston, Rick Brown The Days of Noah: Book One: Conspiracy (Volume 1) - Mark Goodwin
— feeling amazing

It's hard to just pick out 10 top books, so I wanted to also add the following:


Imhotep The Imhotep Series by Jerry Dubbs


Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 1: Merenptah The Fall of the House of Ramesses series by Max Overton


Cannibal (Chess Team Adventure, #7) Cannibal by Jeremy Robinson


Enoch: A Bigfoot Story Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams


Maximus Maximus by Richard Black


All in all, I've read 273 books, (although I will probably get another 1 or 2 in before midnight on the 31st). That's approximately 67,628 pages!


Little Lamb The shortest book read: Little Lamb by Joseph Black  (12 pages)


The King's Favorite (Thutmose series book 2) The longest book read: The King's Favorite (Thutmose series Book 2) by L.S. Fischer  (856 pages)


Fahrenheit 451 The most popular: Fahrenheit 451


A Long Haul: The Journal Of A Serial Killer The least popular: A Long Haul: The Journal of a Serial Killer (which I only gave 2 stars...hey it was a freebie!)


Final count as of today:


67 of the books were 5 stars

79 of the books were 4 stars

84 of the books were 3 stars

24 of the books were 2 stars

13 of the books were 1 stars


and 5 of them I DNF'd.


Not a bad year! Here's looking at 2016!!