Him by Jennifer Reynolds

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HIM - Jennifer Reynolds

Synopsis:  "Amy Roberts has a secret, a secret she has carried with her all of her life, a secret she has told only one other person. For her honesty and bravery, she received a slap across the face and a warning that if she ever spoke the words again, there would be hell to pay. Now that she is older, smarter, braver, she will let nothing stop her from escaping the sadistic man who swore her to this secret and to a life full of hidden truths and false smiles, of abuse and denial, of pain and loneliness. He, on the other hand, will stop at nothing to have her or kill her; he doesn’t care which comes first.

On a private island off the coast of South Carolina, Amy finds the courage, the desire, and the despera-tion to break her silence and to fight back. Finally, spilling her secrets to the only two people who care enough about her to listen and believe her, Amy decides that she has had enough and now is the time to show the world the monster behind the man. The problem is; can she survive long enough to tell the world what she knows, or will he have what he has wanted for the better part of eighteen years.

Join Amy on her journey of self-discovery and survival to see if you are brave enough to face the monsters that haunt your dreams."


This was a very difficult book to read as it deals with child abuse by a prominent family member on multiple family victims.  I came close to stopping several times due to it's graphic nature, but I just had to know if this vile person got what he deserved. This was a dark read that made me mad on so many levels. Abusers of children is one thing I abhor.


The story itself was well told, so despite the content, I am giving it 4 stars.