Origin: Wolf Creek (Book 1) by Greg McLean

— feeling bloody
Origin: Wolf Creek Book 1 - Greg Mclean, Aaron Sterns

When I first saw the movie, "Wolf Creek", I thought it was horrifying, so when this book came along and offered to explain how the serial killer, Mick Taylor, came to be, I just had to read it.



I have an odd fascination in trying to see how the minds of serial killers work. I love to read books about true crime and those written by behavioral scientists and forensic psychologists. I devoured the books by John Douglas and his associates. I always thought it would be cool to specialize in that area, until I realized that I don't think my mind could take seeing these types of horrors day after day.


I still enjoying reading books like these and I figured this is as close as I really want to get to this type of horror. It was fascinating to see how an incident when Mick was a child, was the beginning into his descent into madness. The author did a great job getting into his mind and into his thoughts. He tries...he tries hard to be normal, but I think his darkness is stronger.



I enjoyed this novel and learning about Mick, and some interesting factoids about the Australian outback was a bonus.


4 stars and recommended.