A Year of Ravens by Stephanie Dray, Kate Quinn, Russell Whitfield and 4 more authors.

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A Year of Ravens: a novel of Boudica's Rebellion - SJA Turney, Russell Whitfield, Stephanie Dray, Kate Quinn, Vicky Alvear Shecter, Ben Kane, E.E. Knight, Ruth Downie

This novel tells the story of the Boudica rebellion in 60 A.D. against the power of Rome. Told by seven authors and from the point of view of different characters, this story was a hard, raw look at war in all it's glory.



Even though the book was penned by seven of my favorite historical fiction authors, it was amazingly cohesive and well thought out. Each character brought a unique perspective of the rebellion, either form a Briton or Roman point of view. I loved all of the characters, except for Helva- he was a real pig, which made it hard to empathize with one side more so than the other.


A most emotional and compelling read which I give 5 stars and easily a favorite of the year.


Definitely recommended for HF fans!