Cruel World by Joe Hart

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Cruel World - Joe Hart

Quinn was born with a genetic deformity that made his famous father, James Kelly, hide him from the cruelties of the world. That is until a global pandemic changes everything. The virus just doesn't create  zombies, oh no, this is worse and scarier. And now Quinn has to go out into a world he doesn't know and find a way to live. Along the way he picks up Alice and her blind son, Ty, and together they must learn how to survive in this changed world.



This isn't just a book about survival, this is also about a father's undying love for his son and the lengths a parent goes through to insure that he has a normal life...sometimes at the expense of others.


I really enjoyed this book! I loved the character of Quinn and the little boy, Ty. The story moved along at a good pace, the characters fleshed out, and even the "monsters" were unique and different. I read this one straight through, (right after reading the author's book, "Sightings".) I recommend both, but this one was particularly good.