Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story - Autumn Williams

When I first got this book through the kindle unlimited program, I thought it was just going to be another fictional book about Bigfoot. I soon learned that the author is (was) a Bigfoot researcher with her own site and blog, Oregonbigfoot.com., and also has some videos on Youtube.  She had a brief experience with a bigfoot in her younger years and has devoted her life to trying to understand them.


Along comes this witness who she calls Mike. His real name and his place of location is not revealed, (he wants it that way), but the story he tells is an extremely fascinating one. He claims to not only know one, who he calls Enoch, but has spent a lot of time with him and has been even accepted  in a bigfoot community. I know, many people would scoff at such a thing, and let me tell you, I found  myself even saying, "No way!". But you need to read the whole story and it is one that wasn't easy for him to tell. I think that is why there are many other witnesses out there who are afraid to come forward...most are ridiculed and deemed as crazy from the get go.


As I read his story, he seemed very sincere in his belief and he is adamant about why he doesn't trust most "bigfoot researchers". I've seen some of the bigfoot shows on tv that he talks about and I can't blame him, I find them laughable myself. You will come to understand the perspective he comes from. He is going to protect his friend and the others no matter what. He is not in it for the money. There are no photos, evidence or anything like that. Just his story. I believe the guy, but whether you believe him or not, the story, if it is true, is a once in a truly incredible, lifetime experience. I am actually a little jealous.


No matter the position you take on the bigfoot issue, this was well worth the read.


5 stars and definitely recommended.