Mother: A Novel by Angel Gelique

— feeling shocked
Mother: A Novel - Angel Gelique

This book had one of the  most despicable, vain, petty, manipulative characters I have ever (read) met. The book was predictable, but it was like a car crash; you have to slow down and take a look even though you know in your heart that it is morbid. So it was with me...I couldn't stop reading. I was screaming at this book and couldn't help thinking it might have all been avoided if the parents had just sat the kid down and explained it to her.


So just in case you are interested, here is the synopsis to the book:


"When her husband abandons them for another woman, Jane Winston is left to raise their teen-aged daughter as a single mother. She loves Emma more than anything in the world and would do anything for her—no matter how high the cost. Emma, on the other hand, hates her mother and goes out of her way to make her life miserable. What will it take to restore the loving relationship they once had and can it be mended before it’s too late?

This story will take you on a tearful journey as you explore a volatile mother-daughter relationship. Sometimes things aren’t better left unsaid…sometimes love doesn’t conquer all…and sometimes you don’t get a second chance at a happy ending…."