September Reading Roundup

Until My Name Is Known (Tell of My Kingdom's Glory) - Sonya Contreras House of Rejoicing: Part 1 of The Book of Coming Forth by Day (Volume 1) - Libbie Hawker Storm in the Sky: Part 2 of The Book of Coming Forth by Day - Libbie Hawker The Queen's Favorite - L.S. Fischer The King's Favorite (Thutmose series book 2) - William L. Fischer The Veil, Crisis, book 2: A novel ... of current Biblical proportions. - DJ Edmonston, Rick Brown The Days of Noah, Book Three: Perdition (Volume 3) - Mark Goodwin Imhotep - Jerry Dubs The Buried Pyramid (Imhotep 2) - Jerry Dubs, Ted Palik, Kyle Mohler The Forest of Myrrh (Imhotep Book 3) - Jerry Dubs, Kyle Mohler, Ted Palik


I read a total of 17 books in September and most of them were 5 star reads for me, so I was quite happy. I think it is because most of them were historical fiction types sent in ancient Egypt. The Butcher's List was the only 1 star as I couldn't get into that one. The Dover Demon was a 4 star read. The God Complex, The Farm, and Darkness Rising were all 3 star reads.


Here is hoping that October is just as good. I am starting with, A Song of Shadows by John Connolly.


Happy Reading!