The Buried Pyramid (Imhotep 2) by Jerry Dubs

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The Buried Pyramid (Imhotep 2) - Jerry Dubs, Ted Palik, Kyle Mohler

King Djoser is dead. Prince Teti, his son, is now king, but all is not right in the Two Lands.

There is trouble brewing and Tim Hope aka Imhotep, will get caught up right in the middle of this one when a member of his family is falsely accused. Not only does he have that to contend with, little Maya, his daughter becomes deathly ill and Imhotep must find a way to save her even if it means going back to his modern world.


This one has a bigger part in the modern world as Tim goes back to save his daughter, but there is also something going on with time. Are there consequences to time travel? Can history be changed? Or is our destiny locked in place...or as Tim says, "It will be, so it is so"?


This second book in the series was just as fun as the first and I definitely recommend it!