Imhotep by Jerry Dubs

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Imhotep - Jerry Dubs

This is the story of three misplaced travelers of the modern times who suddenly find themselves in ancient Egypt, 5000 years in the past after pushing on a false door of an ancient tomb. King Djoser rules and the step pyramid has not been built yet. Egypt is at the end of a harsh seven year famine and they find themselves at the center of a nefarious plot to kill the King who has proclaimed himself divine.













King Djoser                                             Step Pyramid




This book is long, 695 pages, but I found myself enthralled. The author does a great job of imagining how life would have been like back then with the food, customs, gods and daily living. The characters were well developed and I thought he did a wonderful job of weaving the modern travelers into the story so that they became part of history. The author seemed to have done his research on the information available about this king even if there are a couple of inconsistencies of the time that other reviewers have mentioned.


There are several instances of violence and cruelty and some sexual scenes, but I didn't find them offensive and the sexual stuff was done tastefully, (except for one rape scene, but it was more implied and not overly descriptive).


All in all, I enjoyed this one very much and I am looking forward to the other 3 books in the series. Recommended.