The Queen's Favorite (Thutmose Series Book 1) by L. S. Fischer

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The Queen's Favorite - L.S. Fischer

  This is the story of Queen Hatshepsut who became pharaoh in her own right. Her brother, Amenmose, the rightful heir and the one who would have been her husband, dies during a raid and Hatshepsut is then wed to her half brother, Thutmose II. But in this telling, Thutmose is a sickly king who also suffers from moments of madness. This is due to the genetic effects of close family members having sexual relationships with each other. Thutmose reigns with Hatshepsut for about 14 years before he passes away and since the only male heir is 10 years old, that leaves Hatshepsut as acting Regent until he comes of age.



Hatsheptsut                                   Senenmut (or Senmut)


  This one begins from when Hatshepsut was young and introduces, Senmut, as a scout for the royal family who saves the princess from the same raiders that kill her brother. From this moment we see Senmut's meteortic rise through the ranks of nobility until he becomes the most powerful person in Egypt aside from the King and Queen. Not only that, it is a love story... a great love story between Hatshepsut and Senmut.


  This is the first of a 2 book series and it is quite long...730 pages long. There were some spelling and grammatical errors and it needed a good editor, but my biggest complaint was that some of the dialogue seemed unrealistic, with slang phrases or terms used now being used then. She also seemed to use the Egyptian words for sexual terms instead of the English, and that threw me for a loop at first until I got used to it. Other than that and the length of the book, I really enjoyed it which is why I still gave it 5 stars.


Recommended for historical fiction fans.