Hominid by R.D. Brady

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Hominid - R.D. Brady

   After an encounter with a Bigfoot when she was younger, Dr. Tess Brannick has now made it her life mission to prove their existence. She gets funded by one of those rich folk who happen to have ulterior motives, (don't they all)? After a life altering encounter with a Bigfoot, Tess decides to pull out of her contract. But, rich guy is not to happy with this decision and feels that Tess, is hiding something. What follows is a race to stop humans from ever discovering their existence. Along the way she will come face to face with some nasty characters including a pissed off benefactor, a vain reality show star, reporters, the military, and every Joe Hunter wanting to make a name for themselves by being the first to bag a specimen.



   I admit it, I couldn't stop reading this book. Loved everything about it, especially some of the characters, and yes, including Bigfoot. I was drawn into the story and just had to know what would happen to them. The story was well written and highly imaginative. Some people might find it a bit unbelievable and 'out there', but hey, this is a work of fiction right? Just sit back and enjoy...


   If you are into cryptozoology and love stories about such things, this book is for you. Kudos to the author for a great read!


5 Big stomping feet!