Herculean by Jeremy Robinson

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Herculean (Cerberus Group Book 1) - Sean Ellis, Jeremy Robinson

This was an action packed ride featuring Greek mythology, in particular, the labors of Hercules. This is a new series spinning off from the Jack Sigler series and features some of the characters in those books.


This one centers around the Herculean Society whose members are tasked from actually keeping some discoveries from becoming known to the world because it would bring more trouble than it is worth. Of course, it isn't fun if we don't throw in the bad guys, known as the Cerberus Group. Throw in some hybrids, a monster or two, a girl who is the last person on Earth that knows the Mother Tongue, (the oldest known language that has magical qualities), and some fun twists and turns, and you have a thrilling ride in the vein of Matthew Reilly and James Rollins.



I enjoyed the heck out of this one and was extra thrilled to see a character I love return in this book! I am super excited to see what happens next!