Others & Oddities by Edward Lorn

Others & Oddities - Edward Lorn

Disclaimer: I was given an ARC copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. This is it.


This was a good collection of stories and I enjoyed all of them, some more than others. There are 14 stories in all and I will go through them and rate each individually.


No Such Thing: about a geneticist who is trying to find funding for an experiment, but finds more than he bargained for when he decides to work with an eccentric millionaire. This one was very creepy. 4 stars


Now I've Seen Everything: about a leprechaun looking for his gold. Nasty. 3 stars


Cinder Block: about a boy who doesn't take kindly to cheating. I love the references to movies the author threw in this one. 4.5 stars


Blah-Doop: a killer toilet. Enough said. This one made me laugh. Is that wrong? 3 stars.


The Morning Dew: about a boy who is having an outside sleepover with some friends, and a strange rain. This was my favorite of the bunch. It reminded me of my childhood. Well, except for the rain.

5 stars


The Red Door Market Street: about a strange red door, guilt, and time. I know weird right? You just gotta read it. 4 stars


Full Moon Over Cedar Hill: about an old man in a nursing home and creatures that go bump in the night. I loved this one! Another favorite. 5 stars


Got Your Goat: this one was very strange. I can't even explain it. 3 stars


The Scare Rows: about a carnival that comes to town and some odd scarecrows. This was one freaky story! 4.5 stars


On The Rails: about a hobo catching a train ride and an uninvited guest. 3.5 stars


Trailer: about a woman and her son who are on the run and get stuck during a blizzard. And there are awful things in the snow. Creepy.  4 stars


Just Short of Paradise: about a mom, her daughter and the rapture. I'm a Christian and this one was scary for me. 4 stars


What Comes Around Goes Around: the story follows a mother with her 2 boys and a storyline with similarities to a headline several years ago except with an ending that is more deserving. 5 stars


Crawl: about a woman taking a trip to her mothers after finding that her husband had cheated on her and an encounter with a strange 'priest'. This one gave me the shivers and I thought it was very creepy. 5 stars


I apologize if I was a little vague in the synopsis to the stories, but I didn't want to give anything away so that you can discover each story for yourself without me ruining it for you. This collection is definitely worth the read!


Final rating: 4 huge shivers!  Thanks, E!