This was a great find! Now I have to go and count the actual amount of books in my TBR pile to get an accurate reading. My ballpark figure of 2000 books at roughly 200-220 books a year, has me at taking 10 years. Not bad...I thought it would be longer.

Too Scared to Even Try This

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I came across across this little gem this morning



I knew it had to happen eventually -- someone would come up with a way to calculate how long it would take to get through my (embarrassingly) ever-growing pile of books to read.


How accurate is it?  I have no idea because just between you, me and the wall, I'm just too scared to even look at the number -- not to mention that I have never sat down to count the number of books in that TBR pile, both real and virtual.


If you are a braver soul that I this is the LINK for the webpage.




The evil calculator looks like this ...