The Maze by Jason Brannon

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The Maze: A Christian Fantasy Novel (Angels & Demons & Lost Souls) - Jason Brannon

The Maze is basically a 21st century version of "A Pilgrim's Progress".


Jamie Burroughs is a man that has it all...a family, the nice house, a good job and people who love him. But Jamie is also a man who takes this life for granted and one of those guys who feels that, "the grass is always a bit greener on the other side". When an old girlfriend pops back into  his life, the encounter ends up with him having a have a near death experience. He finds himself in a labyrinth where he must face and battle head on the many choices in his life that has led him to this point. Will the guilt be too much for him or will he be able to overcome and receive his redemption?



This one reminded me very much of Pilgrims Progress. There were many elements of horror here, but ultimately the story was one of hope. As this is a Christian novel, that hope is in God. It is an allegory that shows how we are constantly at battle with our sinful natures.


I loved the concept of the maze because it shows the many twists and turns our lives takes which every decision that we make. The author really made it work well in this novel.


Recommended for everyone.