Colossus: A Novel - Colin Falconer

Gajendra is just a poor slave boy serving in Alexander's army, but he has great plans for himself. Through a series of events, he quickly rises up through the ranks to become the general of the elephants that lead the charge against Alexander's war on Carthage.

He looks up to Alexander who seems undefeatable and immortal. He is at the top of the world and part of Alexander's inner circle. But when Alexander threatens someone he cares about, will Gajendra stay loyal?



This novel, although historical, speculates on what might have happened had Alexander not died in Babylon in 623B.C. Apparently, he had plans to go on a campaign and invade Carthage and Sicily before he died, so this book does that. The use of elephants to strike fear in the opposing army was fascinating. This was my favorite part of the book even though the thought of training and using these gentle giants that way was heart-breaking to read.


This book was all about war, it was at times bloody and gory.  Although there was the small romance on the side, it was a very small part of the book. It shows Alexander as an arrogant, drunken and sometimes sadistic person albeit military genius that he was.


Recommended for historical fiction fans.