Too bad...

— feeling tired
Deception and Preparation: A Novel - John Sherrer

This book had alot of problems. First off, I am aware that this is the author's first novel and that he is also blind, so I am taking this into consideration. One reviewer commented on how the author describes all of his characters in detail and she is right. The author might have done this because of his blindness, but he did it often and it was irritating. It took away from the story and I bet if he had taken a lot of it out, the novel would probably have been about a 100 pages less in length.

My other problem was that some scenes often repeated themselves and the much of the dialogue seemed awkward. There were also many characters to keep track of and that also took away from the main story.


I love christian fiction books and love to support these authors, but this one could have used a good editor to polish it up and cut out all the repeated events and excess detail. He did have a couple chapters on the issue of forgiveness which I did like, but some of his views on tribulation events I do not agree with.


In the end, the story was so-so and I don't think I will be picking up the sequel.