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Hunger (The Hunger Series Book 1) - Jeremiah Knight


This is about the dark side of GMO's. They have genetically modified the crops so that is is able to grow anywhere, no matter the soil or climate, thus ending world hunger. What they didn't plan on was the gene altering effects it would have on the people and animals who ate them, and it is frightening!



From this mess you have Peter, an ex-Marine and Special Forces operative turned farmer, and his son Jakob. They survive living out of their specially built bio-dome from which they grow non-genetically altered food. One day, out of the blue, his ex-lover shows up. Ellen Masse, is also the scientist who is responsible for the end of the world as we know it and she brings along her 12 year old daughter, Anne. These four will have to make a long and harrowing journey to try and find a way and stop mankinds spiral to extinction. Along the way they must fight the horrible creatures that were once human.


This was a fun read and I finished it in one day! It is the beginning of a series, so the end of the book is not the end of the story.


If anyone is familiar with works of Jeremy Robinson, well then you know what you are in for, as this is by him under a different pen name.


I loved it and I cannot wait for the next installment! If you like apocalyptic novels with sci-fi and horror elements thrown in, this book is for you.