Well Done!

The Border - Robert R. McCammon

This apocalyptic novel reminded me so much of McCammon's earlier works like Swan Song and Stinger. I was totally engrossed in the story and if it hadn't been for having to cook and the other mundane things of daily life, I would have finished it sooner.


Right away the story drops you right in the middle of an ongoing war that has two alien races warring over earth that has left our planet destroyed and pockets of survivors barely hanging on their will to survive. The aliens are brutal and the pollution their war is causing is also transforming some humans into the hideous Gray Men. It is up to the main character, Ethan, a young boy who doesn't remember anything about himself prior to finding himself just running for his life, and a ragtag group of survivors he meets along the way, to stop this war before the life as they knew it is over. Ethan is special and that is all I will say about that.



I loved the characters, especially Ethan, JayDee and Dave. Even Vope gave me a few chuckles. The alien creatures were even fascinating to read about. But this is also a book about the human spirit and the capacity to endure even when there seems to be no point.


Although this book definitely has some horror elements, I would consider more of a sci-fi, apocalyptic thriller. Either way, I definitely recommend it! It wasn't Boy's Life (which I loved), but it deserved it's own 5 stars from me.