Loved it!

Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 3: Tausret - Max Overton

A fitting end to another wonderful series. Max Overton is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors writing about ancient Egypt.


Highly recommended!


I could go further by the synopsis of the books says everything you need to know about what the series is about and my review of the first book explains why I really enjoyed them all. :)


Queen Twosret  (in the book, it is Tausret)

Twosret was the last known ruler and the final Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. She is recorded in Manetho's Epitome as a certain Thuoris, who in Homer is called Polybus, husband of Alcandara, and in whose time Troy was taken. She was said to have ruled Egypt for seven years, but this figure included the nearly six-year reign of Siptah, her predecessor. Twosret simply assumed Siptah's regnal years as her own.