Great start to another series!

Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 1: Merenptah (Volume 1) - Max Overton

I loved the author's Scarab series and I was very happy to see that he has written another series set in Ancient Egypt, this time dealing with the Ramses era.


The great Ramses has died and leaves Merenptah on the throne, who is already old. So now he must decide who will rule after him: Messuwey, his eldest son, or his youngest son, Seti. His choice will cause strife in the land as one gets chosen to be heir and the other vies for power. Throw in some unsavory characters, a priest of Amun who will do anything to have the god be preeminent in all the land and rebellious tribes invading from the northern lands, and you have a great story full of all the things I enjoy.



I am on to the second book!