Another DNF... *sigh*.

Demien - Kenneth Morvant

To be fair, I only got to about the 30% mark in this book before I quit, so I am not even going to rate it.


I have a weakness for books about aliens, conspiracies, mysteries, secret societies and the like, and this one could have been a good story. For me, it wasn't.


My problems with this book were several. First of all, I didn't care for any of the characters. They were card board cutouts with no real background history. My biggest problem was the ease in which the characters solved problems. It reminded me of those 1 hour CSI shows where they figured out all the forensic evidence and captured the killer in 60 minutes. Everything was lightning quick- one minute they are being attacked by aliens and the next, they figured out to subdue it. There was no working out the problem, no real information nothing. Shoot, they could give McGuyver a run for his money. Can't translate the oldest known language from the beginning of time? No problem! Let me just whip up this nifty translator for you. Plus the characters jumped from place to place so frequently, it made my head spin. It seems like they were on a plane heading to some destination on just about every page. Anyway, I think you get the picture.


Since I only got to the 30% mark, I didn't feel right in giving it a rating. If I would have, I would have given it 3 stars for a decent premise and 1 star for execution. And that's my 2 cents worth.