The Assyrian - Nicholas Guild

Tiglath Ashur is the favorite son of King Sennacherib and molds him to become the next ruler in Nineveh after his death, but the omens have decreed that his brother, Esarhaddon- who is less than capable and not as loved by the people, will take the throne instead. Tiglath bows to his brother but the price paid may very well bring destruction to their people. Woven in to the story are a great cast of characters:
Na'qia- Esarhaddon mother; a conniving woman who would do anything to have her son on the throne,
Esharhamat - the woman Tiglath loves but cannot have,
Kephalos- his loyal and rich servant,
Shaditu- his sister and cunning seductress. All of them play a part in the role Tiglath takes to find his destiny amidst all the political upheaval. It was a journey through many lands, battles and court intrigue that had me entertained all the way to the end.

I enjoyed this story very much, especially reading about the culture of the Assyrians, which I did not know much about. I will definitely be reading its sequel, "The Blood Star".