A satisfying read

The Voyage of the Sun God - Susan Llewellyn

I love to read books about ancient Egypt and this was a good one.


You have Pharaoh Ramesses III marrying a Hittite princess in hopes of producing an undisputable heir to his throne; a rash son who keeps pushing his father to make him heir; another son who is a mama's boy and easily controlled, determined to be the next king, but not realizing he is being used;  a general in a loveless marriage with a wife who loves someone else, and a concubine who plots to have it all. But the Hittite princess has visions of the future and they foretell of terrible events that may ruin the Maat of Egypt if things don't change.



The only thing I found strange was calling the Pharaoh, king and calling his concubines, the king's ornaments. A couple of other terms of address were equally strange as I have never heard these terms used in any other Egyptian fiction book I have read. Not sure of they are correct or not, but it definitely did not take away anything from the story.


A truly satisfying read full of the intrigues of the court, manipulations and plots and a host of believable characters that will keep you interested until the very end.


The author's note at the end of the book states that the events of this book are true based on historical records, although the actual outcome is unknown.


Recommended, especially for those historical fiction fans.