Dead Men's Secrets: Tantalising Hints of a Lost Super Race - Jonathan Gray

This book, if nothing else, will get you thinking. It covers ancient, archaeological discoveries that proposes that maybe our antediluvian past was an advanced technological society much like our own, or better, that was eventually wiped out during the Great Flood. He lists some extraordinary information that I believe most of the public may not be aware of.


Although it does come from a Christian viewpoint, I believe the author was not a Christian when he started out researching for this book. My only disappointment was the lack of more thorough documentation. I would have loved to have had more details on some of the discoveries. I am not sure if all of it is true, but I plan to research many of the things he talked about in this book. There were also some typos and it needed a better editor, but it wasn't annoying.


This book was fascinating and whatever your beliefs, I think you will find something interesting enough that will at least make you consider, "how much of our history do we really know"?


Highly recommended for those who love mysteries, archaeology and history!