Mice - Gordon Reece

Mice, as the title implies, refers to those meek and non-confrontational people who hide behind their daily lives letting others take advantage of them. Shelley and her mother are two such people and when an extreme case of bullying at school leads to an ultimate horrible act, Shelley and her mother flee to the countryside to hide and just get away from it all. Life is wonderful for a time, but what happens when the someone decides to not be mouse anymore? A terrifying incident changes mother and daughter forever, but is it for the better?


I liked the author's style of writing even though I found the story to be bit unrealistic, but not surprising. I also thought the whole thing to be somewhat drawn out. While the psychological aspects of the bullying are horrible, the turn it takes in the second half of the book was even more so.


In the end, it was an engaging book that showed that the characters, in an instinct for survival, can go to the same dark places that they tried to avoid.