Another beautiful story...

From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome - Alicia A. Willis

This is the story of Phillip, a 13 year old Iceni warrior who has just seen his tribe wiped out by Suetonius in the battle against Boudicca. He is taken to Rome and sold as a slave to the house of Marcus Virginius, a wealthy senators son who enjoys the decadent life that his status affords. It is a battle of wills. Phillip hates his life as a slave and struggles with his intense hatred of all Rome stands for. Marcus is a hard, loyal and spoiled son who intends on teaching Phillip who is master.


And then in a chance meeting, while Phillip is on the run, he meets Daniel who tells him about Jesus. What follows is life changing, and in a time when Nero rules and Christianity is anathema, Phillip must balance his new life against the dangers that he would certainly face if he were caught. His witness will have an impact on those who know him.


This book is about faith and it is the main theme of this book along with love and redemption and the ability to endure in the face of persecution.

The witness for Christianity was strong and the Gospel message was accurately and powerfully written. I cried several times while reading it. It was a very poignant and touching story. The pacing was perfect, the characters fleshed out and the historical information of the time was spot on. This one comes highly recommended!