A worthy sequel!

What Rough Beast - Shawn J. Pollett

This is the sequel, (but not the final chapter?) to Christianus Sum. Shawn Pollett takes us back to Rome which is now ruled by two emperors, Valerianus to the East and his son, Gallienus to the West.

Both are beseiged by raiders who invade the North while the Persians come to take the East and as they rally back and forth to rid Rome of the raiders, a more insidious problem raises it's ugly head...the plague.


In the middle of all this are Valens and Damarra who have been living a quiet life in the country. But Valerianus has not forgotten about them and this most vile man who thinks himself a god, has vowed revenge after their escape from him the first time. He secretly has them watched, then hunted down even as the empire begins the persecution of the christians once again.


Valens and Damarra, along with several other figures, have been called by God through a vision by a German warrior. This "Thing" leads them on a journey of faith, love and trust in Christ. And they will need to trust in Him as never before, because when persecution once again knocks on their door, will they be able to stand?


Brilliant story with the same impeccable research makes this one of my favorite series and the author, Shawn Pollett one to keep on the lookout for. I suggest you read the first book in the series, if you haven't already to get the full story. I promise you, it is worth it!