Loved this one!

Christianus Sum - Shawn J. Pollett

This book is about the persecution of the early church Christians under Emperor Decius who ruled from 249A.D. to 251 A.D. The peace that Christians have known is suddenly ripped away when the emperor decides that the Christians are the reason that Rome is beset by the many problems that the empire is suffering from and so decides to round them up to set an example by first making it mandatory to sacrifice to other gods.


In the middle of all this is a Roman senator, Valens who employs several christians in his home and lets them worship however they see fit; Damarra, the beautiful slave who captures his heart and is also a christian, and the extremely vile Valerianus, a man who schemes to become the next emperor and one of the most despicable characters I have ever met. The research done was impeccable. I truly loved how the author showed the ugly truth about their persecution, but more than that, their strength in the face of adversity and their faith in the Christos.


A well written and wonderful book. I highly recommend it! I am off to read book 2 in the trilogy.