Classic Reilly

The Great Zoo of China - Matthew Reilly

This is a typical Matthew Reilly novel...a pure non-stop, action driven thrill ride from start to finish, so if you are looking for some deep thinking philosophical book then just keep moving on. There is barely any character development (except for a little bit on the protagonist, who is a woman this time!), breakneck chases, implausible situations at every turn and plenty of people dying in nasty manners, but I have been a fan of Matthew's since the beginning and so I am not a stranger to his wild imaginations.


And yes, it is reminiscent of Jurassic Park, with different creatures, and it also brought to mind several scenes from the Alien movie, but I loved those movies and so I enjoyed this book. This type of book is not for everyone, as evidenced by some of the other reviews, but if you are looking to just escape a little and pretend to be a type of Indiana Jones for a few hours, then jump in and enjoy the ride.