The Mirror of the Soul

The Mirror of the Soul - J. Lloyd Morgan I really enjoyed this book very much! The author took a song by Chris De Burgh (with permission) and made it into a book. I listened to the song for the first time the other day and I can say that the author did a great job making it into a story. I am not great at writing reviews so I will quote what one reviewer had to say about it at Amazon because she said it best :

"Plot summary: when a mysterious diamond falls from the sky in medieval France, the abbot of the nearby abbe takes it and uses it to manipulate the common people into giving larger and larger donations of money to the abbe in return for various blessings he claims the diamond can bestow. A lot of problems arise from the abbot's use of the diamond, including a rise in crime as people pay for forgiveness of their sins expressly with the intent of committing crimes and claiming to be "blameless before the Lord." The Mirror of the Soul follows events surrounding the diamond (also called the mirror of the soul) and their effect on the people of the town.

One of the great things about this book is the way it makes you think about right and wrong. The abbot encourages his monks to murder, lie, and commit adultery under the supposition that the diamond can absolve them for their sins, saying that they are "doing the Lord's work." It's a great parallel to the modern world and the desire to do whatever we want with no consequences that is so disappointingly prevalent." (review by CritterQueen- posted April 19, 2013)

It amazes me how back in those days the masses were kept uneducated in many ways that they were so easily led to believe things like this because they didn't know any better and those who were in positions of power used this to satisfy their own greed. Of course this happens even today under different guises so I guess we are not so different after all.