Coram Deo - The Beginning of the End

Coram Deo - The Beginning of the End - Nyla Courter This story is about the end times according to the book of Revelation in the Bible and it is written from a mid-tribulation position. There is a lot of information on gardening, farming and the like, basically information on how to survive off-grid. I found it to be tedious at first, but then became interesting as it made me realize how much I do not know if it came to trying to survive in some sort of apocalyptic scenario.

The story itself is well done and realistic even though I felt that it took to long to get to certain points. There are plenty of characters to keep track of but the author does include a graph at the beginning of the book. Some characters you get to know very well and some of them are still a bit of a mystery, especially the one who is portrayed as the antichrist.

My only gripe is that it leaves out many of the world events that happen and spends too much time on the daily life of a couple of families so it is hard to get the time frame pinned down on when certain prophecies happen.

The first book ends just as the antichrist gets a wound to the head and a freak storm has devastated much of Europe and Asia. I am looking forward to read the rest of the story.