Out of the Black Land

Out of the Black Land - Kerry Greenwood Books set in ancient Egypt continues to fascinate me. Many writers have used what available information there is on the lives of Pharaoh Ahkenaten and Nefertiti and weave their story around these mysterious figures and I never tire of the of them because they each bring something that make them entirely plausible.

I enjoyed this book very much (well, except for the several sex scenes which I just skip over), and I really liked the two main characters in this one, Ptah-hotep, who was picked out of obscurity by Ahkenaten to become the Royal Scribe, and Mutnodjme, half sister to Queen Nefertiti herself. There is plenty of court intrigue, betrayal, greed and conspiracy to make this a fast moving novel that kept my attention the whole way through. The author's portrayal of the Pharaoh was one of the most distasteful because of his actions and intentions. Usually I feel pity for the poor guy.

If you love historical fiction, especially this era as much as I do, I would certainly recommend this book.