The Serpent and the Pearl

The Serpent and the Pearl - Kate Quinn Having just finished watching the last season of HBO's "The Borgias", I couldn't help but picture the characters in this book like the actors in the show. I enjoyed this book very much. The story is written from the eyes of 3 main characters:
Carmelina- the runaway cook who hides a dire secret of her own,
Guilia Farnese- the beautiful concubine of the Pope and
Leonello - the dwarf in service of the Borgia women for protection who also has an agenda of his own.
Leonello was my favorite character. I loved his sharp, sarcastic wit and his tenacity to be taken seriously despite his size. He also has a great love of books.
Intrigue, betrayal, secrets, deceit and murder all to be had in this well written story. I am looking forward to the sequel.