The Amulet (Part One)

The Amulet (Part One) - Dean Klein The story begins with and ancient scroll found in the Qumram caves that defies belief and causes tragedy for those trying to destroy it. Ordered to have it hidden where no one can find it, it is instead kept in secret by a scientist who feels that it is too important.

Enter Emmanuel who just finished getting his degree in medicine and was to follow in his father's footsteps and become a doctor, however a dream that he has compels him to leave that calling and head over to Jerusalem to enter the seminary in hopes of becoming a Rabbi.

Seeing something special in the young man, his teacher and Rabbi tells him the story of how the scroll came to be in his possession and, sworn to secrecy, he has Emmanuel translate it. Unbeknown to Emmanuel, the scrolls secrets are tied to his dreams.

While the story was engaging, I felt that it was too drawn out and that Part 1 could have been told with about 100 less pages. The dialogue was also bit over dramatic at times. The actual story being told is intriguing and I would really love to find out who the "mystery figure" is. I hope to read the other 2 books, however the price is too steep for an ebook and it will probably be awhile before I get to finish the tale. (I borrowed this one through the Amazon Prime free trial)