Age of Giants - awakening

Age of Giants - awakening - Rob Reaser From the beginning we learn that the Nephilim, (sons of fallen angels and human women mentioned in the Bible), have once again risen up and with a genetically engineered virus, manage to wipeout most of mankind. Those left are forced into slavery.
There are pockets of humans still left; wilders who lie, steal and kill anyone for their supplies and are quite dangerous; raider clans who resist and try to live as best they can, always hiding and raiding for supplies but with atmosphere of family and loyalty. From one of the raider clans we meet Nora, unusually tall for a woman but a fierce warrior. Upon finding out that her camp has been raided and her father taken, she embarks on a journey to Nephilim territory to go and free her father from a life of slavery or worse, execution. Along the way she is joined by others of her clan and other raiders. Unbeknown to her, she holds the key that might just destroy all the Nephilim for good.
Although this story is about the Nephilim, there is no religious connotations whatsoever. It is a story about survival in a world no longer their own in a fight to free themselves from a life of slavery, debauchery and torture.

All in all, I give this book 4 stars. The story was engaging even if the ending was a bit predictable. The ending leaves room for another book to follow although, I am not aware if the author plans on continuing the story. If there is a follow up, I would read it because I am interested in seeing what happens with Nora and the revelations revealed to her at the end of the book.