Call Me Tuesday - Leigh Byrne

I know that child abuse happens more often than we know, but I still get floored when I read about what some parents put their kids through. It is just hard for me to fathom that such cruelty can be inflicted on the most innocent.

This is the story of Leigh Byrne (named Tuesday Storm in the book), and how drastically her life changes after the death of her half sister who had polio. At the hands of a mentally deranged mother, Tuesday suffers beatings, starvation, being locked in her room and constant humiliation. That is bad enough, but to have her brothers and especially her father just let it happen is unspeakable. I was glad that she was eventually put in the care of her aunt. I wish I could take all of these children into my home and just shower them with love.

A difficult book to read that made me cry, but also a story of survival. It was hard to put down.