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I love to read and I read a lot! My favorite genres are Christian fiction, historical fiction, especially anything set in Ancient Rome or Egypt, horror and thrillers.

2085: The Rise & Fall of The Sisters by Christopher Weeks

2085: The Rise & Fall of The Sisters  - Christopher J. Weeks

It is the year 2085, and in this future women rule and men are second class citizens. A council of 5 sisters make all the rules. Men aren't allowed to play sports because no man is allowed to be better than a woman. If a woman feels threatened or offended in any way by a man, he can be sent to work as mindless drone at a factory, or even put to death. Religion has been wiped out, and in this society almost anything goes. It made me cringe.


This book creeped me out because, in our world where political correctness, feminism, and identity politics take center stage, this story becomes all the more plausible. It reminds me of A Handmaid's Tale, and the more recent, VOX, but with the genders flipped. Really scary stuff.


Although I enjoyed the story, I didn't really feel anything for any of the characters, (except maybe disgust), and I found the dialogue to be somewhat wooden. Also, although this book is labeled as Christian fiction, God was briefly mentioned and that was a disappointment.


So, is this society better than the system we have today? You'll have to read the book to find out, but I leave you with a line from the book that conveys what I feel about it, "Feminism was just like the patriarchy, the only difference was the lipstick, pink ribbons, and coiffed hair. The desire for power and pleasure was no less intoxicating in the heart of a woman than it was in a man."

Recursion by Blake Crouch

Recursion - Blake Crouch

Wow, this was one crazy and very cool ride! It was like a Black Mirror, Fringe, and Twilight Zone episode all wrapped up and made into a movie.

There are already enough reviews of this book to look through that I am not going to re-hash what the synopsis is about except to say it has to do with memories, time travel and timelines- and let me tell you, this one is crazy-loopy!

If you love a good sci-fi story give this one a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.

If You See Her by Ania Ahlborn

If You See Her - Ania Ahlborn

This one wasn't bad, but it was not a favorite of mine. I just don't think I'm a big fan of haunted houses anymore, but this one had some good creepy moments. The characters were interesting, but the whole story was just a bit too slow for me hence the rating.

I don't think her fans will be disappointed though.

The Sleep Experiment by Bryan Alaspa

The Sleep Experiment - Bryan Alaspa

A very creepy and disturbing short story of a sleep experiment gone wrong. Let's hope nothing like that ever really happens.

Sword of David by James R. Dale

Sword of David (Time of Jacob's Trouble Book 1) - James R. Dale

A well written debut novel that tells the story of a special forces sergeant master, Jack Braedan, and some friends as they go through the time of Jacob's Trouble from the book of Revelation. It is a series, so the book does end with a cliffhanger and it is labeled as Christian fiction. I really enjoyed this one. Read it in a couple of hours.


Note: This book was written by James R. Dale, not the author that Booklikes kept defaulting to (James Dale Davidson) when I added this book. I sent Booklikes an email about this as it is Mr. Dale's debut novel and I want him to get credit for it.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I only read this because it was required reading in my son's English class, and I like to read what he is reading so we can discuss it together if he wants.

I was not a fan and almost gave up on it. Then they watched the movie in class, and I decided to give that a try, and couldn't get past the first 10 minutes. It's just not my cup of tea.

Understanding Perspective: Form, Depth and Distance by Giovanni Civardi

Understanding Perspective: Form, Depth and Distance - Giovanni Civardi

This wasn't bad, but I was looking for more on perspective when it comes to the human form, especially with foreshortening, which I find a bit difficult. Good book on the subject for landscapes though.
3.5 stars

Figure Drawing: A Complete Guide by Giovanni Civardi

Figure Drawing: A Complete Guide - Giovanni Civardi

Got this book from the library and I loved it so much, that I bought my own copy.
Very helpful, with tons of good examples and helpful tips.


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Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis

Drawing the Head and Hands - William Andrew Loomis

I love to draw, but always had a problem with hands (and feet, to be honest). This book is a fantastic resource and a big help in helping me practice and refining my drawings as a whole.
Definitely recommended for all artists out there!

Hades Proper by Sean Rainwater

Hades Proper - Sean Rainwater

A series of earthquakes around the world opens up a huge chasm in Russia where early readings find that it reaches all the way to the center of the earth. A team is sent in to find out what is there.
What if it is not what they have always been taught? What if hell was real....?


I really enjoyed the premise for this one, as I don't think I have ever read anything else like it.
It is written from a Christian perspective, but I still recommend it for everyone.

Smashwords Read and Ebook Week Sale

Just got this message in my email and wanted to share for those of you that are interested.

Smashwords is having their annual Read and Ebook sale from March 3- March 9th!

Go check it might see a book you've been wanting for a really good price.


The Secret Chef by Crystal King

— feeling amazing
The Secret Chef - Crystal King

The year is 1577 and Bartolomeo Scappi, the famous Vatican chef, has died. Giovanni, his nephew who has long been his apprentice, has inherited almost everything, including his recipes and the many journals where his uncle has chronicled his life. He was supposed to burn them, but he was curious about the man he loved and had taught him so much. And therein he learns that his uncle had many secrets.


Dangerous secrets.



This was a fantastic look into the life of a famous chef, of which little is known about. Crystal King weaves a wonderful tale around his life, some historical, much of it made up, but still a delight to read. The meals this man cooked for the Vatican and many nobles were nothing less than extravagant, but it made my mouth water.


The author does include a bit at the end about what is known of this chef and his life and it was appreciated.


While not as good as her first book, in my opinion, it was still a great read and I definitely recommend it to all historical fiction fans out there.

Weekend reads!



This will be a nice long weekend for me as my son is off school today and Monday...whoopee! These are my weekend reads and I can't wait! Hope you all enjoy your weekend :D  

Asenath: Vision of Egypt by Sara Hickman

Asenath: Vision of Egypt - Sarah Hickman

This was an enjoyable, speculative story about Asenath, who is barely mentioned in the Bible. She was Joseph's wife. This is the Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery, but he rose to become vizier, or the second highest after the pharaoh, in Egypt.

Great characters, believable story, and I enjoyed reading it. It is a Christian fiction book, as it tells of her conversion from worshipping her Egyptian gods, to converting and following the One God.


4 stars and recommended for Christian and historical fiction fans.

Borne for Life by Graham Carter

Borne for Life - Graham Carter

In the midst of a murder, organized crime, and a reporter's quest to uncover them, is a beautiful story about mercy, grace, redemption, and the spiritual battle going on all around us. I loved this book! Had me in tears by the end.

This author never disappoints.


5 stars and recommended!

Crucible (A Sigma Force Novel #13) by James Rollins

Crucible (A Sigma Force Novel #13) - James Rollins

Another fast paced thriller, this one with an almost what-if? scenario involving the creation of an AI program. The result is truly terrifying, especially because this can be become a very real problem in the near future. I hope that whoever out there is working towards achieving AI, will truly consider the consequences.

A fun and exciting read. 4 stars